Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proxy Servers

Why do you need to use a proxy server?

Using a proxy server, you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously and even from behind a firewall with blocked ports.

If you are in an area or country where you are blocked from getting to, you can log onto a proxy server to get around your restrictive ISP.

It allows you to browse the web while reducing your risk of being infected with trojans, malware, worms,and viruses because it puts an anonymous filter between you and the web site you want to visit.

This will hopefully turn into a full list, as I run into more proxies!
Privax has the large inventory of proxy sites available for you to use!

Squidoo has an ever increasing list as familiar proxys become blocked by network administrators.

Ninja Cloak

PHProxy has another large and ever increasing list of proxy servers available for your use.

And a great server that will block all the splog farm crap like rootkits, proxies, trojans, trojan downloaders you name it, LOL...nothing has gotten out of this box.



  1. Jarmas said...
    These proxies that you listed are already blocked by most web filtering countries as they are well known proxies. If you are looking for a list and on more info about web proxies, I suggest checking out this Web Proxy Forum which has tons of great info on proxies as well as good useable proxies. said...
    you can use some special proxy, search on google for them or you can use this site

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