Saturday, January 06, 2007

Group Comment/Post Notification

Let's say you've set up a group of people with one blog linking them all together like a big family. Sheesh, that makes me shudder...a virtual family to yell at me...LOL!

To start off with, sign the blog up with one of the RSS feeds like FeedBlitz, FeedBurner, or Atom...among my favorites! Then have each of the members click on the link that you've installed on the blog, for the RSS feed, and sign up to be notified when new posts are made. You can usually customize whether to get the whole post or just a notification!

Then you would like to let all of your members know, at the same time, that there are comments on the blog. Instead of making your fingers raw, trying to mail the comment to each member, form a group...a Google group would rank right up there as my favorite.

Where you choose to set one up is up to you, but...if you use Google, that's one less username and password you will need because you employ your same Google account for everything Google!

Okay, so you've set up the group. The group has an email address.

Go >>>Dashboard>>>Settings>>>Comments tab. Way down at the bottom of the page is the spot to fill in the email address for comment notification. Put the group email address there.


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