Sunday, April 01, 2007

Using Picasa/Blogger Web Albums

UPDATE:If your blog folders have vanished, or are not there, set your Language Preference in Picasa Settings to 'English (US)' to keep the blogger folder visible. If you have it set it to English UK, that's why the blog folder vanished.

Sign in with your present Google account.
Picasa Web Album Sign In

When you sign in, the first page that comes up is your Albums. Any of the albums that have a little Blogger symbol in the lower hand corner, are your Blogger Albums. If you have access to more that one blog, and have uploaded at least one picture to that blog, there will be an Album cover…you can change this cover later to an actual cover.

Under the album is the name of the blog, beside that in parenthesis is the number of pictures in that album…Click on the name and it will open the Album.

Any photos that you post to Blogger are included in your Picasa Web Albums storage quota. The number of Blogger photos you can upload is determined by your web albums storage level.

Any photos you upload using Blogger’s post editor will automatically appear in Picasa Web Albums under “My Photos”. The title of the Blogger web album will match the title of your blog. Please be advised that album titles cannot be modified in Picasa Web Albums.

The album cover will be designated with a small Blogger icon in the corner. Blogger web albums are unlisted when they initially appear (you can make them public later) and aren't searchable on the Picasa Web Albums site.Once a photo is posted to Blogger from Picasa Web Albums, future comments or captions made on either site will not be synched with each other. We recommend that you add captions and comments in Picasa Web Albums before posting a photo to Blogger.

If you delete a Blogger web album, those photos will also be deleted from your blog. If you delete a specific photo from your Blogger web album in Picasa Web Albums, your blog will not be deleted, though that photo will not appear.

Please note that you cannot upload photos directly to a Blogger web album using the Picasa Web Albums site at this time, and only empty Blogger albums can be deleted at this time.

You can always purchase extra storage by clicking "Settings" at the top right of your Web Albums page. At the bottom of your Settings page, click the link in the "Storage" section and follow the instructions displayed to purchase additional storage.

There are two ways to see how much storage you’re using in Picasa Web Albums:

1. Go to your Picasa Web Albums public gallery (the URL of your Public Gallery is Your storage information will appear in green beneath your albums. Please note that the username on your Public Gallery is the username that you use to sign into Picasa Web Albums.

2. Click "Settings" at the top of your Web Albums homepage to go the “Settings” menu. In the "Storage" section, click "Need more space? Upgrade your storage!" In the window that appears, your current usage amount will display in green.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I have a question: I have two blog. Is there a tool that will allow me to transfer my whole blog to another blog....not just individual post.Thank you in advance. Please email at
    Christina said...
    I'm sorry, but there is something I don't understand. Why does blogger only recognize the photos in my Picasa album that were uploaded THROUGH blogger? Why can't I use photos that were already in my Picasa account? What is frustrating about this is that it forces me to have duplicates of photos, one for my organized albums and the other just for the photos I want to post to my blog. I would really like to know how to be able to post photos that were already on my picasa, so I don't have to upload everything twice!
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Hi Christina, since I don't store any photos in Picasa...I have my own software so I store and edit my pictures on my own computer...I don't know the "rules" at Picasa.

    But...I can understand why Blogger doesn't recognize a Picasa doesn't have the upload signature from Blogger.

    The way you can get around that is by pretending that Picasa is just some unrelated free host. In a Blogger post use the whole link of the picture from the Picasa album, just like you'd do if the picture was in Flickr or PhotoBucket. that way you don't have to keep recopying pixs!
    Debra Rexroat said...
    Why can't we add captions to our photos in our blog? I am an artist and I am very frustrated with the limited ability to arrange my photos in my blog, once I have uploaded them. And I wish I could at least put titles and sizes under my images.

    Why do my photos load ahead of my text? This means I have to move them manually, and sometimes they disappear. I am using a Mac and Firefox.

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