Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Improving AdSense Performance

In the real estate industry, there are three things that are the most important about a property...location, location, and...location!

1.) So the very first thing that I want you to pay attention to when working to increase your AdSense performance is location! We'll start with the HEAT MAP to the left. The dark spots are the page locations where readers spend the most time looking. Utilize as many of these spots as possible.

2.) Place your ads above the newspaper language, this is the face location, or what you see on the page when it opens. Depending on your screen size it could be a little more or a little less than what you see here. But rule of thumb is that ads below the FOLD are seldom seen or clicked!

3.) As indicated in the HEAT MAP, the left side of the page is a premiere location. Readers are accustomed to seeing the navigational menu on this side of the page, so move your menu to the right side, like I did, and use the left for your ads!

Now the next section of performance enhancement has to do with the Ads themselves.

1.) Use lots of Ads! Google gives you ad allowances per page, utilize all that you can. But you must keep track of what you are using and what methods work best. You can keep track of this by...

2.) Utilizing the CUSTOM CHANNELS. AdSense gives you the ability to put a name tag on each ad that you make. This will help you to find out which ads work best, according to the fonts, colors, size and placement on the page.

A.) Match the FONTS to those on your page, especially if you are wrapping the AdSense in a blog post!
B.) Match the COLORS of your Ads to the colors of your website. Visitors will look at them more, especially BLUE LINKS. Blue links have a higher CTR than other color links because people are just used to clicking on blue links!
C.) Use Large Ads where possible. The Large Rectangle (336x280) is the best performing ad unit.
D.) And get rid of any borders, so your readers eye can wander around the page unimpeded.


  1. Sophy George said...
    How can I wrap Adsense-ads in the main content.I tried a lot but didnot succeed.Please help me by giving a good template.
    1Neurona said...
    You say: "Use Large Ads where possible. The Large Rectangle (336x280) is the best performing ad unit."

    the 336x280 isnt a Large Recangle. :)
    Anyway thanks for all your info.
    See you.
    Anonymous said...
    whats, in yr opinion, the best way to be paid by adsense? i want to place adsense on my blog but dont know whats the best way to ask them to pay me. thanks.
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    That would be your personal preference. If you live outside of the country there are limited options of payment.

    I would say, when payday yu want your money right away, or are you willing to wait for the snail mail to get there?
    Anonymous said...
    Great site, solid content!

    I'm curious - what template are you using? Most of the template options ignore the "hot" areas defined above.


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