Thursday, April 12, 2007

Uploading a Google Doc or Spreadsheet

I already did a TOUR on creating a Google Doc or Spreadsheet.

So you can go to your Google Doc & Spreadsheet, log in with your Gmail account. You get the WELCOME screen. you can then click on New Document or New Spreadsheet, create your sheet and save it.

So we'll dispense with that tutorial. Let's say that we already have a and you want to embed it in a post that you're making.

To publish a Document, click on Publish (upper right-hand corner). A new window opens, select Publish to blog. Input your blog provider, then your username and password, click Okay!

For a spreadsheet, click Publish now, then click "more publishing options". A window opens with more publishing formats, pick "HTML to be embedded in webpage". Specify the range of cells...the whole spreadsheet, one page, specific cells, etc. Click "generate URL". Copy that code into an Edit Post box and publish!


  1. david said...
    Thanks for this info.I wondered about using these docs and spreadsheets before but did'nt quite catch on.
    Been having a play with this on my test blog following your guidance.
    Will be great for me as I use my blogsites for a running club and with this will now be able to set out results tables ,add doc links plus all sorts of things.
    Anonymous said...
    thanks for all this useful info.

    i'm having problems with my blog. i'm rly not a computer person and something wrong happened. all my archives and links went all the way to the bottom of the page instead of being on the upper right.

    may you please help?
    Patrick said...
    Than you for the info now I can imbed my spreadsheet, you're a lifesaver.
    Striborova said...
    This does seems like a life saving idea, especially for a new blogger like me. I don't blog in English so it is sometimes hard to get an adequate help.
    I wonder (think it is somehow related) if I can upload my docs (I mostly write short stories) onto some free server, copy e.g. a first paragraph and link it in the blogger, so it does not appear as a whole (I swear I did it all to enable permalinks, links, clinks and other things to make my post look short in display, but, seems that I have mistaken somewhere in all these HMTL's sings...
    Just tell me if it is possible, that is - either upload to an FTP server or google, and then link a part of document to that server or google

    Thank you so much (stupid question...answered probably a thousand times)
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Yes Striborova, that is the purpose of using Google Docs and Stread sheets. Go over and sign up at Google Docs and Spreadheets!
    Anonymous said...
    This is great and well explained...I tested it and it worked very well. Here is a fun one...if I put HTML in a cell, then publish it, the code shows as code. Is there a way to get the Docs to actually render the HTML upon publishing? This would be useful if you needed to pop a new window when a link opens.
    Anonymous said...
    kind of a can just copy and paste right into the blog post so you don't have to go through creating a new google doc.
    Baba said...
    Would you please tell me if I can upload docs to my Blogger page from Google docs so that only the link to the doc shows?

    Much appreciated.
    James said...
    Thanks for the information. I always wanted to learn about Google docs because it is a nice way through which we can plan schedules, update information and do many other related activities that will help the business.
    Thanks for sharing.

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