Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Putting Voice or Music On Your Blog

I don't understand the lure of wanting music on your blog. That's probably because I'm on dial-up and sites that use music take forever to load, and I get three second snippets of music every fifteen seconds until the whole thing has loaded.

And music always takes up a lot of bandwidth, which can make the connection timeout on you...but with all that said, if you still want music...

If you would like to make digital voice clips, go here to Gabcast.

To upload music from like an iPod or MP3 player:

First you need to host your music somewhere. I'm a Google nut, so the first place I'd say would be Google Pages. You have to make a GMail account to use the pages and if you don't already have one...BEWARE! Because creating a GMail account will override your email account that has Blogger.

If you don't want a GMail account, create a Google Group *snort* can be a group of one, but it will give you a whopping 100MB of file space where you could upload all of your music, for free!

So you've opened a group, uploaded your music file. Now copy down the URL for the file.

Then go Dashboard >>> Layout >>> When the Page element page opens, click on "Add a Page Element. Choose a HTML/JavaScript element.

Copy this code into the Page element:

<embed src="URL of your audio or video file" loop="false" width="400" height="300" autostart="false" type="video/x-ms-asf"></embed >

The parts of this code are:

The URL of your music at the freehost of your choice.

Loop can be set to false, so the piece doesn't continually repeat. Set it to true if you want a particular sound like waves to keep repeating.

The height and width which you can change to fit your particular sidebar.

Autostart set at false lets your visitor start the music themselves...they will love you for this!

And the last part, type...tells you what kind of file it is. For example:

An MP3 file would be: type="audio/x-ms-mp3"
A AVI file would be: type="audio/x-ms-avi"
A MPEG file would be: type="video/x-ms-mpg" (or what ever they call it)

You can also put a Player on your blog, by going to Google Gadgets. They have 12 players from MP3's to YouTube and Podcasts.

UPDATE: You can have your MP3 Links:
<a href="">Link</a>

Automatically turn into a little simple player by adding this code into your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


  1. Laura said...
    Thanks for this post! I've been wanting to do this for months (simply to share a song or two) and searched the internet with no results! I found you blog via the blogger help message boards. Do you know how to export Blogger to Xanga and Myspace blog? Facebook can automatically import Blogger, and that's what I want to do with the others. I would like to be able to write one entry in blogger and have it automatically upload to Xanga and Myspace.
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    I do not at this moment, because I myself am on dialup, so i don't do a lot with music...LOL..I'd be old by the time it uploaded. But I will try to search the answer.

    I have added a small update to this post at the bottom!
    BB Iverson said...
    I use Odeo to create and host my voice podcasts. It also includes various players and the code necessary for each one to post on my weblog. The best part of it is that it's free!
    Fluxedup said...
    Is it possible to do this with out a page element added to the post? I guess my question should be, can I add a page element to an individual post so that that page element will be saved and move with the post as it moves down the page as other posts are added?
    Does it have to be a page element? Cant it be a hyperlink?

    If I sound stupid it's because I am.
    Fluxedup said...
    Thank you for your answer to my question... but I am as I say way new to this. You mentioned embed tags. What are embed tags, where can I learn about them?
    Fluxedup said...
    oh and another thing... is it possible to delete a post that has been moderated and approved and published? if so How is it done?
    Fluxedup said...
    Boy are you ever going to get tired of hearing from me...

    Ok I think I understand what i am looking at in the embed code. What is the height and width reference to? I was hopping to have it as an Href (I think that is the right nomenclature)
    I dont want it to load instantly. I want them (readers) to mouseover some highlighted words and click and hear the bit. probably about 10 seconds worth of Jetsons wave file.

    Thanks sooo much for your continued help.

    oh and on the other thing I dont want to ditch the post I want to remove this running commentary as it has little to do with my screweduptitude or 24. I want to delete (as much as I hate to say this your comment.) I published it because I didnt want to loose it now I cant figure out how to delete it. Can we handle this in email? It would be much easier to keep track of and check up on.

    Gosh look a the begger being a chooser
    Fluxedup said...
    Hi there and hello I appreciate your patience here I am still lost in the woods. Check out the post if you have time. I cant get it to play.

    This is the code

    blah blah blah
    "< e m b e d src="" loop="false" autostart="false" type="audio/x-ms-wav" height="200" width="400">< / e m b e d >"

    blah blah blah

    what am I missing now?
    Fluxedup said...
    I had to space out the letters in the embed tags to get bloger to allow the cod to be posted as a comment.
    Fluxedup said...
    wow I am messing up bad today. 1) my prefered email address is 2) I managed to loose your return address 3) could you please please please email me and get me through this thing... my forehead is bloody and the wall I have been bashing it on.

    Thanks so much for your help this far.
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    LOL...Well put a bandaid over your booboo and listen up! You're going to need to add Object / Param tags, that you need with older IE.

    My friend from the boards, Chuck has a post on this:

    Including Music In Your Post

    btw...he is a music maniac...and can answer a lot more of these questions than I. I'm on dial-up, so I can't test a lot of what can go wrong with music!
    Pitt said...
    Real pain and suffering :'(

    I've tried your nice solution on my blog and everything seemed smooth and nice...
    Then I've found out that explorer and opera can't play any mp3 :O
    Only firefox can...
    Can you help? :(
    Wolfy said...
    I use dialup also, and don't have any delays or crashes due to music on my blog. First, don't ever use MP3s or video as they are bandwidth hogs. Just use a small MIDI or WAV file. I link back from my blog to my ISP's FTP server which seems to give me a fast page load. Check my blog to see how well it works.
    garam masala said...
    Hi!!all you tech wiz please help!I am able to put music all right, but I want that icon to be hidden and am not able to understand how to do that, can anyone please help?that is I don't want the host file to be visible on the page at all.
    punjabi songs said...
    I would suggest to convert the voice or music into low bit rate mp3 and try uploading on your blog
    will i am said...
    thanks for the info... however, you do need to convert your music files into smaller ones so that the streaming will be faster
    Greatchandeliers said...
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