Sunday, March 18, 2007

Monetizing With AdSense

So your showing an interest in monetizing your blog. Monetizing???? That means you want to make money with blogging. Hey why not? You spend mindless amounts of time on the internet, you aughta' get something out of it. I'm doing a Monetizing Your Blog series over on my personal blog Bonnie Writes and I am tying all of the posts, both here and there, about making money, together. So check them all out!

You've seen the ads on other sites, heard about the money other people are making, and now you have an interest in AdSense. Its a relatively straight forward program. There are three kinds of ads.

Ads For Content - they display advertisements based on the content of your blog. They can be text and graphics, just text, or just graphics, and they can lay horizontal or vertical. You can have three of these on your blog page.

AdSense For Search - You earn revenue from ads relevant to your visitors search terms when they use web search. You can have two of these on your blog page.

And lastly, Referrals - there are four products and services that you could carry ad boxes for, and each referral turns into money for you. I've got an AdSense one at the bottom of the page. An AdWords on on the top of the right sidebar, and a Firefox one in the middle of the left sidebar. You can have four of these on your blog page.

The best placement for Ads are "above the fold". That area is defined as the area of your blog that a viewer first sees when your page opens up...without scrolling. to place the code in your sidebars, use Page Elements. To place a long bar in your header, see this post: Adding a Page Element to Your Header.

Or you can add a narrower long bar at the top of your posts. See this post: Adding a Page Element Above Your Posts

Okay, they got to know that you can do this. Now, let me add an observation. This is going to be a job, like any other job. It takes work. It takes studying. IT takes learning from other people, so that entails reading other blogs about Monetizing. Several good places to start are:

Problogger. This whole blog is dedicated to Monetizing and has been that way for several years.

John Chow and this particularly compelling article about his last six months of Monetizing.

And then my dear dear friend Paula Neal Mooney!!! This is the gal who turned me onto the money making aspect of blogging. She rocks as a newcomer!

So now that I have you intrigued, at the head of any of my Google ads, click where is says "Ads by Goooogle. That will take you to the page where you can get started.


  1. Ron West said...
    I like your site a lot. A question on the ads, how much money can one make? Are there rules of thumb? Does it cost $$ to make $$. Thanks,

    Rik Nebeker, Photographer said...
    Hi, in this line:
    google_ad_client = "pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
    what goes in the XXXXXXX place? the name of my blog?

    I really do need some Mentoring/Tutoring/Teaching assisting.

    Rik Nebeker
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Hi Rib,

    The XXXXX.... is your publisher account number with Adsense. Wehn they give you ad code for normal insertion, you will see the numbers in place of the X's/
    Luxury Car Hire said...
    well finally i find out that .. i really sucks at monetizing with adsense...I cant earn 10 dollars yet :(

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