Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finding A Lost Blog

"Ackkkk!!! My blog has disappeared from my dashboard. Someone has stolen my blog!

LOL...I hear this at least a half dozen times a day...And I'm not laughing at them, I'm laughing with them...even though most of the time they're not laughing.

People are so busy today, and create so many accounts without thinking that they're usually lucky if they remember where they left their car keys let along a poor helpless blog.

If your blog disappears from your account...first thing...don't panic, it's there somewhere!

Take a deep breath. Sit down, and write a list of all your usernames.

To accomplish this. go to:

Enter ONLY your email address into the form (leave the username box blank).

This will send a recovery email to you with a list of all the usernames of the accounts associated with your email address. Once you've got that list, you can recover the password for each one, if necessary.

Then log in to each one until you find your blog.

Important Note: Please try this even if you think you only have one account. There have been many cases where people have accidentally created an extra account without realizing it, so checking this out!


  1. JUSTIN AND JADE said...
    I enter email but all it comes up with is user account not found
    RTYC said...
    yeah..i had the same problem too.. i entered my email address , it says account not found.
    Lost and Found said...
    ...I have the same problem too
    uma mãe babada said...
    I Have the same problem
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    I'm sorry that I was remiss in answering comments...Have you tried ALL of your email addresses? I find people sometimes have one that they "forgot" that they used.

    Then try going for usernames and passwords:in this post!

    Or bring the problem back to the Boards!
    Hyla Weimann said...
    Yup I feel like panicking! I have dozens of blogs and they are all gone. All My blogs are gone.

    No blogs on the dashboard. I can logged and out, I can paste my blogs urls in a browser and they are gone... accept one. Its lost all of Feb March and April posts...

    starts with Feb 1. I was adding audio to that last post yesterday... now all Feb March and April postas are gone ... and it is not on my dashboard.

    I can try to explain the things i had done today... just before this happened :

    1) I added a Yahoo Video (The Secret)... and
    2) I don't remember if this was done just before or just after... must have been just before my blogs disappeared.

    I was in my

    where I have placed the video earlier today and has right clicked to open in a new tab, the graphical (turing) code little question mark to try to get Blogger to look to see I was not spam... so they would take the graphic code away.

    That has worked well with two of my other blogs. They took it off...
    ... suddenly, I think moments later... keep in mind this is late Friday (Good Friday) (so are there any blogger people looking at my blog that fast?... I go to add a webform to my
    ... clicked "customize" from upper left (nav bar), and ... it goes to a page saying the blog can not be found.

    I went to the dashboard and I have no blogs. I logged out and back in. No blogs on my dashbaord.

    I tried all these and they are not found:

    my login email is:

    Skype me as : juliewolf
    phone : 360-275-7856

    I consider this an emergency!
    Please help!

    How will I know if you post an answer here?

    Please help!


    Assurance said...
    Im not Hyla actually.... I am Assurance. Im the one who just posted that long comment with my Skype and phone #


    I wsa logged into my frieind Hylas blogger accnt just to be sure my blogs were not there,,, they are not.

    Out two acctn had gotten mixed up before... cause she has access to my login on my blog... but hat was resolved long ago... I removed her new gmail accnt from my blogger accnt... and that did the trick.

    Any way... my blogs were not there... in her accnt either.

    Where are they?

    Can I get them back?

    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Julie, go over to the Googl/Blogger help boards and post under the second thread. Put Blogger Employee, I Need Help! My Blogs Disappeared! all capitals.

    I don't know if you want to leave up this comment with all your personal information.

    I don't know if there will be someone around for the weekend that could help, but I'm sure they will find them for you. This same thing has happened numerous times lately...the blogs are still there, you just can't see them!
    buffysbiscuits said...
    I cannot understand how it is that i can see my email account on the blog itself, but click dashboard and only see the message that i do not have any blogs and a button to create one
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Just because you can see your present email "signin" address, does not mean that that is the "username" of that blog.

    Use the form on the post to discover all of the usernames that you have put into play!

    If that doesn't help, go over to the help boards and post it for Blogger Employee Jordan, or Buzz
    Melissa Loves Her Kids said...
    I tried your fix but all i got was this old old blog that i had never posted on but the new one i have been posting on since last week is gone from my dashboard. It is called and I am gonna sound three years old here but I WANT MY BLOG BACK!!!

    I can see comments that need to be moderated and I can go to the blog but I cannot get to the dashboard.

    ARGH. Please help.

    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Missy...go over to the Blogger Help Group (link is on the top left sidebar on this blog) and post that problem, and we'll get you some help!
    James Reyes-Picknell said...
    This works, but how do I get all blogs under a single account?
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    Invite the username of the account that you want them all under, to be an administrator on each of the blogs.

    After the "main username" has accepted the invitations, give that username administrative priveleges on each of the blogs.

    All the blogs should show up under that one account.
    Ron said...
    Thanks for the help guys!

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